Extra EA-500

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== Status ==
Current stable release is 1.1.0 (22.06.2014) and can be found in the fgdata master branch/ [ FGAddon].
# Faster work through the automated checklist.
# Pick a required checklist and load it.
# Plays and stops the checklist. All actions will be done in an automated seqencesequence.
# Moves the view to the action and shows the pink circle.
# Perform the action.
# Sub-page navigation of the checklist
# Next checklist for the next flight phase.
There are several types of messages that may appear on your screen:
# Failure: a failure has occurred
# Warnings: an aircraft limit has been exceeded, immediate action required
# Cautions: a limit has been exceeded, action needed within 5 minutes
# Info: some general information on why something does not work or some other peculiarity
# Trim: shows if the pilot (you) needs to pull or push the yoke. You will need to use the elevator trim (mouse wheel) accordingly.
All these messages are on by default, but can be switched off in the Extra500 - Configuration menu
The messages by far do not cover all situations, but are there to help the pilot learn the most basic behavior/limits. Typically there is no special message when it already is in the aircraft warning panel.
===Engine starting===