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Building FlightGear - Debian

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preparing for FG 3.2
{{WIP|Article is being updated for the 3.2 release. Not all of the files are available right now since they're not yet released. Dependencies and the git commands are not yet verified, use at own risk or wait a couple of days until after the release.}} HowTo build [[FlightGear]] stable/<u>[[Changelog_3.02|3.02]]</u> or bleeding edge development version, hereinafter simply called <u>[[GIT]]</u>, on [http://www.debian.org/ Debian] GNU/Linux Stable/<u>Wheezy</u>. Users of Testing or Unstable at least have to change package names (version numbering) accordingly.
The meaning of this article is to be a short, '''checklist''' like, overview of the specific steps to compile FlightGear and components on Debian. For more detailed information please refer to the main article [[Building_FlightGear_-_Linux | Building FlightGear on Linux]].
== Build and install ==
Because we are going to install versions different to the ones in the Debian repositories, it is recommended to install FlightGear in a place independent of the base system, such as <code>/usr/local/FG-3.02</code> or <code>$HOME/FG-3.02</code>. This way also has the advantage of easily managing several FlightGear versions, even with different versions of OpenSceneGraph and/or plib, simply by altering the installation prefix. I suggest to make this directory writeable by the user so there is no need to become root for the <code>make -j2 install</code> commands. We'll use <code>$FG_INSTALL_DIR</code> as a [http://www.cmiss.org/cmgui/wiki/SettingEnvironmentVariablesInBash placeholder] for this directory. <br />
Another placeholder will be <code>$FG_SRC_DIR</code>, it stands for the absolute path to the directory which is supposed to keep the folders of the various source codes. So, in the instructions below, you have to replace these with the local paths or even <code>export</code> them (in every terminal you're using them) for the process:
export FG_INSTALL_DIR=$HOME/FG-3.0 2 && mkdir $FG_INSTALL_DIR
export FG_SRC_DIR=$HOME/src && mkdir $FG_SRC_DIR
Have in mind that the data is a relatively large download (GIT about 8 GB GiB (required disk space 18 GiB) and growing / 3.0 about 1 GB). So, to save some time, it is a good idea to [[#FlightGear data|fetch]] it while building the sources. <br />
For some basic info on git commands for FlightGear users we have a [[Git_for_Laymen#How_do_I_use_the_git_repository_to_update_Flightgear_stuff.3F|git for laymen]] section. <br />
[http://www.fltk.org/ FLTK] is required for [[fgadmin]], which is content with libfltk-1.1, and fgrun, which minimum is libfltk-1.3.
<u>Wheezy</u>: Just install package "libfltk1.3-dev" if you're planning to use either of them. <br />
<u>Squeeze</u>: For fgadmin just install package "libfltk1.1-dev". To compile fgrun, too, build and install FLTK-1.3 instead:
=== [[plib]] ===
<u>3.02</u> and <u>GIT</u>:
Latest SVN is [http://www.mail-archive.com/flightgear-devel@lists.sourceforge.net/msg20793.html required].
=== [[OpenSceneGraph]] ===
<!--On <u>Wheezy3.2</u> skip that step and install package "libopenscenegraph-dev" instead. <br />Last 's optimum version known to work for 3.0 is OpenSceneGraph OSG 3.12.40. <br />--><u>GIT</u> users, especially developers, may want to use the latest [http://www.openscenegraph.org/index.php/download-section/developer-releases DeveloperRelease] or even bleeding edge code here instead. Note: FG 3.2.0 proved to be unstable with OSG 3.2.1!<br />
<u>3.02</u> and <u>GIT</u>:
<nowiki>svn co http://svn.openscenegraph.org/osg/OpenSceneGraph/tags/OpenSceneGraph-3.2.0</nowiki>
<nowiki>svn co http://svn.openscenegraph.org/svn/osg/OpenSceneGraph/tags/OpenSceneGraph-3.1.4 OpenSceneGraph-3.1.4.svn</nowiki>
mkdir build-osg; cd build-osg
cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE="Release" -D LIB_POSTFIX="" \
=== [[SimGear]] ===
<u>3.02</u> and <u>GIT</u>:
<nowiki>git clone git://mapserver.flightgear.org/simgear simgear.git</nowiki>
<u>3.02</u> only:
cd simgear.git
git checkout -b 3.0 2 origin/release/3.02.0
<u>3.02</u> and <u>GIT</u>:
mkdir $FG_SRC_DIR/build-sg; cd $FG_SRC_DIR/build-sg
=== FlightGear source ===
<u>3.02</u> and <u>GIT</u>:
<nowiki>git clone git://mapserver.flightgear.org/flightgear flightgear.git</nowiki>
<u>3.02</u> only:
cd flightgear.git
git checkout -b 3.0 2 origin/release/3.02.0
<u>3.02</u> and <u>GIT</u>:
mkdir $FG_SRC_DIR/build-fg; cd $FG_SRC_DIR/build-fg
=== FlightGear data ===
<u>3.02</u> only: Please have a look at the [http://www.flightgear.org/download/mirror/ mirror list] for a server close to your location.
<nowiki>wget http://www.flightgear.wo0t.de/Shared/FlightGear-data-3.0.0.tar.bz</nowiki>
=== [[fgrun ]] ===
Package "fluid" has to be installed. <br />
<u>3.0</u> and <u>GIT</u>:
<nowiki>git clone git://gitorious.org/fg/fgrun.git fgrun.git</nowiki>
<u>3.02</u> only:
cd fgrun.git
git checkout -b 3.0 origin/releaseversion/3.02.0
<u>3.02</u> and <u>GIT</u>:
mkdir $FG_SRC_DIR/build-fgrun; cd $FG_SRC_DIR/build-fgrun

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