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FlightGear Headless

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Status (08/2013)
As of 10/2012, this is being worked on (also see [[FlightGear Run Levels]]), in part, this effort is also overlapping with the [[Reset & re-init]] effort:
{{cquote|I'm writing some automated testing code for pieces of FG, so that I can experiment with changes to various internal bits of code with more confidence that I haven't broken anything. These aren't quite unit-tests (they test multiple areas of the code at once) and they're pretty crude, but any testing is better than none (and quicker than manual testing).<ref>{{cite web |url= |title=Startup position offsets (fg_init)|author=James Turner |date=Sun, 24 Aug 2008 13:53:58 -0700}}</ref>|James Turner}}
{{cquote|<nowiki>I only need the graphical output for the real aircraft and want to disable the unnecessary graphical outputs (to reduce work load).</nowiki><ref>{{cite web |url=|title=<nowiki>[Flightgear-devel] Disable grahpical output in flightgear / interface flightgear server instead of flightgear</nowiki>|author=<nowiki>Rahlf, Jonas (ext.)</nowiki>|date=<nowiki>Wed, 31 Jul 2013 04:42:48 -0700</nowiki>}}</ref>|<nowiki>Rahlf, Jonas (ext.)</nowiki>}}

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