Status of AI in FlightGear

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AI Scenarios vs. Scripting
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| the most flexible approach would be using scripting - FligthGear has a built-in scripting language (called "Nasal"), that can be used to control aircraft, and even to instantiate multiple AI aircraft, one of the most straightforward examples is the "tanker.nas" script, which creates a fully scripted AI tanker - that could be easily extended to create dozens of tankers, and obviously you could also change the 3D model if you wanted to. In fact, we have a separate addon, named "bombable" that adds "AI bots" to the simulator, for dogfighting purposes - none of that required C++ changes, it's all done in scripting space. Another users implemented a fully scripted missile (fox2.nas) that tracks aircraft - and we also have a feature for "wingman" support, too.<br/>
Actually, you could even create scripted AI pilots and scripted AI ATC that interact with eachother - it's all doable, and doesn't require rebuilding FlightGear from source.
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