The Festival of FlightGear, November 2014

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| Pilots will take three laps (each approx. 85 NM long), the exact route will be published soon. Fastest time in completing the laps wins. There will be a designated timekeeper for the race who will start the stopwatch at GO and mark time as each pilot crosses the finish line. In case of game crashes, a pilot will be allowed to restart his lap without time penalties; if a pilot crashes his aircraft on terrain, he's out.
== Airport classification map ==
[ KL-666] has provided [ an interactive map of all airfields in Spain] categorized by available navaids and accessibility.
* <span style="color: green;">Green</span> marked airports are accessible by large jets (like the 747), <span style="color: yellow;">yellow</span> marked airports can be used by medium jets (like the 737), <span style="color: red;">red</span> marked airports are accessible to general aviation aircraft only.
* Diamond markers denote that ILS is available; square markers denote that only a VOR is available; star markers denote that only an NDB is available; circle markers signal that no navaids are present.
== Controlled airports ==