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The Festival of FlightGear, November 2014

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! scope="col"| Details
| The Pond Racer Pow-wow<ref>[ The Pond Racer Pow-wow original forum post]</ref>| Sat, 14:00-&ndash;16:00 UTC| A Coruna Coruña (LECO)?&ndash; ''to be confirmed''
| Rutan Pond Racer
| Pilots will take three laps (each approx. 85 NM long), the exact route will be published soon. Fastest time in completing the laps wins. There will be a designated timekeeper for the race who will start the stopwatch at GO and mark time as each pilot crosses the finish line. In case of game crashes, a pilot will be allowed to restart his lap without time penalties; if a pilot crashes his aircraft on terrain, he's out.
* You will be expected to communicate using at least basic ICAO phraseology - see the [[ATC phraseology]] and the [[ATC Tutorial]] wiki pages.
* You must be able to taxi, takeoff, land, maintain an assigned heading/speed/altitude.
* Please [[Getting You will be expected to carry aeronautical charts|get aeronautical charts]&ndash; the set we're going to use is [ the latest official one (AIP Spain)] if possible and . Make also sure to follow [[ATC best practices]].
=== Flightplans ===
=== ATC scheduling ===
To apply for an ATC position, make sure you:# will be able to provide voice service;# know ICAO phraseology and procedures very well (see [[ATC phraseology]] and [[ATC Tutorial]]);# can handle stressful situations and be always polite and patient;then create a new session on [ Lenny's website]and update this wiki page if possible{| class="wikitable"! scope="col"| Time (UTC)! scope="col"| Airport! scope="col"| Controllers|-| Sat, 19:00&ndash;23:00| Barcelona El Prat (LEBL)|* Maverick (Ground &ndash; ''to be confirmed'')* ElGaton (Approach)|-| Sun, 19:00&ndash;23:00| Barcelona El Prat (LEBL)|* Maverick (Ground &ndash; ''to be confirmed'')* ElGaton (Tower)* IAHM-COL (Approach)|} == References ==<references />

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