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| writtenin = C++ (Qt)
| os = Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
| website = httphttps://gitorioussourceforge.orgnet/p/flightgear/fgscenery/terrageargui/ci/master/tree/
The '''GUI''' tool for '''[[TerraGear]]''' allows people to create [[scenery]] for [[FlightGear]] without using commandlines.
== Obtaining the GUI ==
You can either build the GUI [httphttps://gitorioussourceforge.orgnet/p/flightgear/fgscenery/terrageargui/ci/master/tree/ from source], or download a pre-compiled build:
* [ Windows builds]
Please note that:
==== For GNU/Linux users ====
# Grab the sources and store it where you want:<br/><pre>git clone git://</pre>
# Then go in the source:<br/><pre>cd terrageargui</pre>
# Create a build dir:<br/><pre>mkdir build && cd build</pre>
# Now build it:<br/><pre>qmake .. && </pre> or<pre>qmake-qt4 ..</pre> then<pre>make</pre>:::<sub>In case of ERRORS You may have to add the following via SYNAPTIC:</sub>:::*<sub>for "/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/qt4/bin/uic: Command not found" add: libqt4-dev-bin</sub>:::*<sub>for "QtGui/QApplication: No such file or directory" add: qt4-dev-tools</sub><br /># You can now start it with:<br/><pre>"./bin/TerraGUI" or "./build/TerraGUI"</pre>
You're done!
You can do two things now:
*'''Already-made airports:''' use FlightGear's <tt>apt.dat.gz</tt> file, which is usually in <tt>[[$FG ROOT]]/Airports/</tt>.
*'''Home-made airports:''' if you created an airport in [[TaxiDraw]] or [[WorldEditor]], use the .dat file that you exported.
Use the button to browse to the .dat file of your choice. Select the format of your .dat file from the dropdown. TaxiDraw created 810 format, while WorldEditor does the 850 format. Apt.dat.gz packaged with FlightGear is currently still in the 810 format. You can find 850 format data in
* '''All airports in area''' generates all the airports within the boundaries as set on the start tab.
== GUI development ==
The current source code can be retrieved [httphttps://gitorioussourceforge.orgnet/p/flightgear/fgscenery/terrageargui/ci/master/tree/ from GitoriousSourceForge].
Feel free to add feature requests and/or bug reports to this page. Anyone interested in helping is invited to contact Gijs at the forum.
=== Requested features ===
Also see [[TerraGear scenery build server]] [[File:TerraGear-GUI-Remote-Mode.png|thumb|Prototyping a remote mode for [[TerraGear]] as part of [[TerraGear GUI]]]] * Multi-threading, so the GUI doesn't freeze when running a process[]* Support a new "Setup" page where people can decide if TerraGear is installed locally or remotely {{Not done}} * Add a command handler abstraction so that commands can be easily run over SSH [] {{Not done}}* File retrieval would ideally be wrapped via SFTP {{Not done}}
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