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<span class="plainlinks">{{#switch: {{{1|}}}
|Flightgear Mapserver|FGFS = [{{{3|0}}}&lon={{{4|0}}}&zoom=16&layers=B00FFTTTTT]
|GoogleMaps|GM = {{#switch: {{{2|}}}
|Mars = [{{{3|0}}}&lon={{{4|0}}}&zoom=8 {{{6}}}]
|Proximityrama|PR = {{#switch: {{{2|}}}| Earth|E = - [{{fullurl:tools:~para/GeoCommons/proximityrama|latlon={{{3|0}}},{{{4|0}}}}} {{{6}}}] }}
<nowiki><!--|OpenStreetMap|OSM = {{#switch: {{{2|}}}| Earth|E = - [{{fullurl:tools:~kolossos/openlayers/commons-on-osm.php|zoom=16&lat={{{3|0}}}&lon={{{4|0}}}}} {{{6}}}] }} ==></nowiki>
|OpenStreetMap|OSM = [{{{3|0}}}/{{{4|0}}} {{{6}}}]
Template {{Informative template|1=__NOTOC__== Goal ==This template is used for formating formatting external links to mapping websites. Used by {{tl|location/layout}}. <br>Input Parameters:# == Usage == <nowiki>{{{1}}}</nowiki> - name of external '''Location/ExternalLink'''<nowiki>|</nowiki>website: GoogleMap (aka GM), GoogleEarth (aka GE), Proximityrama (aka PR), OpenStreetMap (aka OSM)etc.# <nowiki>{{{2}}}|</nowiki> - name of the globe: earth, mars, moon# celestial body<nowiki>{{{3}}}|</nowiki> - latitude# <nowiki>{{{4}}}|</nowiki> - longitude# <nowiki>{{{5}}}|</nowiki> - language code: en, pl, de, etc.# <nowiki>{{{6}|</nowiki>link text<nowiki>}}</nowiki>  ; website: Either of::* '''Flightgear Mapserver FGFS''':* '''GoogleEarth''' or '''GE''':* '''GoogleMap''' or '''GM''':* '''Proximityrama''' or '''PR''':* '''OpenStreetMap''' or '''SM''' ; celestial body: Either of '''earth''', '''mars''' or '''moon'''. ; latitude: The latitude of the point in decimal degrees. ; longitude: The longitude of the point in decimal degrees. ; language code: Two letter [ Link 1_codes ISO 639-1 language code], for example '''en''' or '''fr'''. ; link text: The text that will be shown as the link. [[Category:Formatting templates]]}}