Leipzig/Halle Airport

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=== Download ===
* TerraSync has it all! Updates during redesigning process 2012 are published every week on TerraSync.
* [ Alternative download (Version 2010)]
=== Changed airport layout ===
We all use the [[mpmap]] ans what we see (in April 2010) is a little confusing: The southern runway in the [,12.236020661585117&z=14&t=s&fg_server=mpserver02:5000,,5001&update_interval=5&pilot_label=always&icon_mode=normal old satellite image] doesn't match the Airport layout in FlightGear. Well, FlightGear is right, Google Maps isn't. A few years ago, the southern runway was set parallel to the northern one. There are now two 08/26. Check out this [ newer satellite image] while it was under construction.
=== ILS ===
There are only two working ILS for 08L and 08R. The 26L and 26R ILS don't seem to work properly.
* ILS 08L (ILNE): 108.55* ILS 08R (ILSR): 111.75 90 (111.9 75 in FG older than Version 2.0.0)* ILS 26L: 110.30* ILS 26R: 108.35
All [ diagrams and charts] are available for download.