Airbus A340

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Development status/Issues/Todo
== Development status/Issues/Todo ==
* Under development.=== Status ===
InsideAs of February 1, 2008, the following items have been completed:* Fuselage surface defined.* Upper and lower surfaces of the wings have been defined.* Models of passenger doors have been completed.* Surfaces of horizontal and vertical stabilizers have been defined.
In the cockpit, instruments on the front panel as well as the pedestal have mostly been completed. === Todo === Exterior:* Under developmentCutouts need to be made on the fuselage for doors and windows.* Engine nacelles and pylons needed to be created.* Landing gears needed to be created.* Wings, horizontal and vertical stabilizers need to be converted into solids before work on control surfaces can begin. Interior:* Interior decorative panels still needed to be made.* No work has began on the overhead panel.* Throttles and pedals are still missing.
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