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Aircraft maintenance

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are connected and computed automatically. Aircraft should only set one of these properties manually (i.e. on start-up), and NOT try to configure both.
The properties for mass, volume and density are interconnected and so are those representing the same property with just individual units.
Usually, fuel density is set statically, so volume is derived from mass and vice versa. The last set property wins. The used formula is
mass = volume * density
Internally, content, density, capacity and the usable fuel is stored in metric units and the (US-)English units are derived by constant built in conversion factors:
* LBS_PER_KG = 2.20462262;
* USGAL_PER_M3 = 1000.0/3.785411784;
* IMPGAL_PER_M3 = 1000.0/4.54609;
The value of the property "usable-xxx" is constantly compared against "content-xxx" and drives the value of the boolean property "empty". If content is less than usable, empty is true.
All the individual tanks are summed up to the properties /consumables/fuel/total-fuel-xxx
''Not sure, there is something about it that results in an issue for some aircraft who try to mess with several properties. Torsten knows more...''

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