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Boeing 787

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1/18/11 release
|authors =Josh Wilson and [[User:Nickyivyca|Nickyivyca]], Dany93
|fgname =787
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== Aircraft help ==
This is for the version unfortunately not available on the official Download page , but is available through Git and the version provided in the link above (the link above is slightly newer).
=== Startup ===
# Switch on the battery on electrical panel.# start APU on electrical panel and wait for its work mode (on EICAS will be message "APU running").# , also click on the APU start on 1 second lights APU FAILURE - this is normal - build-in APU-controller test runs.# on electrical panel switch on APU generatorgen.# on engine panel switch on Autostart button and switch on starters(click on knobs).
# wait for engines idle (on EICAS lights off messages L ENG FAILURE, R ENG FAILURE).
# Confirm engine generators are on electrical panel switch on L GEN, R GEN, BKP GEN L, BKP GEN R.# then on electrical panel switch off APU GEN and turn off APU.
If buttons do not work on startup, click on the HUD with the left button and move the view around. Then return to middle view. If the HUD activates, buttons work. In older versions, you may have to middle click on it to rotate it. Middle click or left click on it to move it back into place.(This should only be an issue on 1.9.1.)
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* Switches some buttons to pick animations. Some also operate with clicking with left mouse button and clicking on the wheel for coarse switch, and scroll wheel on the mouse for fine tuning.
* The main animation properties that don't normally go over MP now are transferred over MP, such as the engines, wing surface positions, and all lights except those for the cockpit (the cabin lights affect the outside, so they were included).
* Development version: OHP development. See forum thread for more details.
=== Other ===
* [ Paintkit in separate link.]
* [ Development version is not guaranteed to work, but will include some more developments than what is listed on this page. Check the forum thread for more details.]
* [ The forum thread.]
=== To-do ===

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