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Douglas A-4 Skyhawk

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{{infobox Aircraft|image =Douglas_A4.jpg|name =Douglas A4|type =Military aircraft|fdm =|status =early-production|authors =Lewis Magruder, Dean Baunton, Jim Wilson, Andy Ross, Vivian Meazza|fgname = a4f, a4, a4-uiuc|download = http:{{PAGENAME}}//}}The '''Douglas A-4 Skyhawk''' is a [[Howto: Carrier|carrier]]-capable attack [[aircraft#Carrier-borne aircraft|aircraft]] designed for the United States Navy. The delta wing Skyhawk, powered by a single turbojet , was designed and produced by Douglas Aircraft Company (later [[McDonnell Douglas]] and finally [[Boeing]]). The initial designation was A4D under the Navy's designation system, and A-4 Skyhawk after 1962.
==Aircraft help==
{{Main article|A-4F Skyhawk Operations Manual}}
{| class="prettytablekeytable"|C! Key|Catapult launch command! Function
|L{{key press|Shift|C}}|Carrier Catapult launch-bar engagecommand
|o/O{{key press|Shift|L}}|Hook up/downCarrier launch-bar engage
|Ctrl-B{{key press|O}} / {{key press|Shift|O}}|Toggle airbrakesHook up/down
| {{key press|Ctrl-K|B}}|Toggle spoilersairbrakes
| {{key press|Ctrl-J|Deploy drag-chute|-|J|Jettison drag-chute|-|jK}}|Repack drag-chuteToggle spoilers
== Development status/Issues/Todo ==
'''=== Outside:'''===* cockpit instruments can be seen through aircraft hull* pilot is not solid* flaps are not solid* flaps are animated, but the shape of the wing does not change when flaps are extended. This means we have 2 flaps. One that is animated and another one that is not animated.* rudder, ailerons and pitch elevator are not animated* no No cockpit light at night visible* no No aircraft light available* aircraft has no wheel well area for the landing gears* no No jetstream visible* nozzle do not change shape when changing thrust - they don't* there are no flaps when using reverse thrust - it hasn't got reverse thrust
'''3d === 3D Cockpit:'''===* no No cockpit light at night available* no rudder/stick control in 3d cockpit available* no rudder control pedals available* no switches and levers available* no elevator trim control available* brake signal light does not light when pressing the brake key* cockpit instruments look flat, they don't have a 3d look.* cockpit is not textured* no pilot present in 3d cockpit* cockpit window has no windscreen wipers
'''=== General:'''===* engine Engine sound in cockpit does not differ from outside engine sound* engines Engines can't be turned off* no hud available* aircraft is not set on the correct elevation when starting flightsgear (gears are approximately 0.40 m below the ground)
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