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FSweekend 2010

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Equipment Checklist
* One main power extension cord (DT: yellow)
* One main power extension cord (DT: green)
* One main power extension cord (TD: black)
* One Linux-based PC (DT)
** Three monitors
* One Macbook Pro (DT)
** simple joystick
* One Macbook, white (TD)* One Linx-based Notebook (TD)** simple joystick** ELITE yoke** simple, homemade multi-engine and view controller** 3Dconnexion 3d-mouse* One FlightGear based procedure trainer (TD)** ELITE ProPanelII** FlightLink rudder set** Two TFT Displays** Panel controller** old (historic?) tablet pc running Atlas* One Thomas-Krens-AG server workstation (TD)** Eight monitors(probably)* Two FlightGear banners (TD)** mounting material (last year's setup from Durk)* FlightGear business cards (TD)* Coffee maker (Senseo, bring your own pads!) (TD)* two or three sets of aviation headsets (deco) (TD)
* One CH Flight Sim Yoke
* One CH Pro Pedals

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