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Dornier Do X

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{{Stub:{{PAGENAME}}{{infobox Aircraft|image = DO-X.jpg|name =Dornier Do X|type =Flying boat|authors =Emmanuel Baranger (3D/FDM), Pierre Geoffroy (FDM)|fdm =YASim|status =|fgname =dox, dox-yasim|download=info}}The '''Dornier Do X''' was the largest, heaviest, and most powerful [[:Category:Seaplanes and flying Flying boats|flying boat]] in the world when it was produced by the Dornier company of Germany in 1929.Only three were buildbuilt.
{{Dornier}}== Aircraft help =====Keypad===
{| class="keytable"! Key !! Function|-||{{Key press|Shift|B}}||Cast Anchor (down)|-||{{Key press|b}}||Hoist Anchor (up)|-|----|----|-||{{Key press|s}}||Start engine by engine|-||{{Key press|Ctrl|S}}||Stop engine by engine|-||{{Key press|PageUp↑}}||Increase speed of locked engines|-||{{Key press|PageDown↓}}||Decrease speed of locked engines|-||{{Key press|,}}||Increase speed left locked engines|-||{{Key press|Shift|;}}||Decrease speed left locked engines|-||{{Key press|.}}||Increase speed right locked engines|-||{{Key press|:}}||Decrease speed right locked engines|-||{{Key press|m}}||Increase Mixtures|-||{{Key press|Shift|M}}||Decrease Mixtures|-|----|----|-||{{Key press|l}}||Interior Lights on/off|-||{{Key press|c}}||Interior/Exterior View|-||{{Key press|equals}}<!--"equals" is the code for "=" and can be found in [[CategoryTemplate:AircraftKey press/core]]-->||Open DO X Engineer Menu|-||{{Key press|>}}||Switch Pilot/Radio View|} ===Engine control between Pilot and Engineer===In the Middle Panel between the pilot and copilot seat you see 12 lamps. 6 left for the larboard engines. 6 right for the starboard engines. The two instruments show you the average rpm of all locked engines. {||-|Red||style="background-color: red;"|→||engine off|-|Yellow||style="background-color: yellow;"|→||engine is running but not locked to the two little throttle gears of the pilot. Only the engineer has the control for this engine in that moment. The clutch lever to lock and unlock those engines you will find in the Engineer Cabin.|-|Green||style="background-color: green;"|→||pilot hase full control over this engine.|} ===Navigation with RDF and NDB===*Switch view between Pilot and Radio Navigation Officer with {{Key press|Ctrl|Shift|R}}.*In the Radio Cabin you will find a RDF-panel. First you have to set a NDB, ILS or VOR/DME -frequency in range. *Switch on the Instrument with the little knob "''AN/AUS''". *Fit on the headset and turn the "''DREHWINKEL-SCHEIBE''" to find the loudest volume of the beacon-signal you have set. *If you have found the max. volume, click the pencil below the RDF-panel. ===Cockpit===This is a description of the Do X cockpit: [[CategoryFile:Seaplanes Do X cockpit.png|800px]] === Performance and flying weight==={| class="prettytable"!Empty weight:| 28,250 kg (62,280 lb)|-!Max. takeoff weight:| 56,000 kg (123,460 lb)|}{| class="prettytable"!Maximum speed:|211 km/h (131 mph)|-!Cruise speed:|175 km/h (109 mph)|-!Range:|1,700 km (1,056 mi)|-!Service ceiling:|3200 m (10498 ft)|}==Special features=====Dual control==={||[[File:Dualcontrolready.png|link=Dual control]] |</br></br>{{cquote|[[DO-X|Dornier Do X]], phenomenal experience, pilot and radio operator working on interactive dual coordination for navigation.|{{Usr|Aepcam}} Jan 31, 2016 in [[Dual control]]}}|}{{Main article|Dual control}} ===Livery selection dialog===The Dornier Do X has a [[livery selection dialog]] with 5 different liveries:*Abtl. Entwicklung (Department for development)*D1929*Default*IABBN - The last build: {{wikipedia|Dornier Do X#Further models|Do X3 "''Alessandro Guidoni''"}} for Italy*oGalego - O Galego Itinerante - "''Star of Vigo''" === Interior light ===Interior light can be switched on/off in the menubar ({{Key press|F10}}) or individually in the ''"navigation cabin view"''. The switches are named:<br>'''Innenbeleuchtung → Interior Light'''{| class="prettytable"!Name {{de}}|Führer||Kommandant||Maschinenzentrale||Funkraum||Hilfsmachine|-!Place {{en}}|[[#Cockpit|Cockpit]]||Navigation cabin||[[#Engine control between Pilot and Engineer|Engineer cabin]]||[[#Navigation with RDF and NDB|Radio cabin]]||Help engine cabin|} ===Help engine===In the "''Help engine cabin view''" you can switch with a lever between:{| class="prettytable"!{{de}} !!{{en}}|-|Pressluft||Compressed air|-|Generator an||Generator on|-|Aus || Off |} ==Media=={{#ev:youtube|7LbYQKysXys}} ==Related content==*[[Dual control]]*[[:Category:Flying boats]]*[[Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen]] ==External Links==*[ Sketchfab] 3D Preview*[[Wikipedia:Dornier Do X]] {{Dornier}}[[de:Dornier Do X]]

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