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Suggested airports

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Table has not been updated, scenery quality is out of date. Add a table mainly listing previously featured airports as a starting point for newcomers, especially those who have figured out how to add OSM2City scenery.Maybe moved to a newcomer showcase?
If you are searching for the '''development-status of Airports''' see the wiki [[Developed Airports]].
<br />For further suggestions see [[Suggested Scenery]] and [[Suggested Flights]]
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=== Developed airports situated in developed regions ===
The old table has not been updated. A lot has changed, including availability of OSM2City scenery.
This is a quick update for March 2020. It's currently based on Flightgear's featured Airports from the last few years. The surrounding regions all have developed scenery and developed regional definitions that are updated to use recent engine features.
The following table is currently a good starting point for newcomers. There are a few hints for the [ Environment menu]. See the OSM2City [ manual] for instructions on installing scenery (it's simply a case of extracting folders from archives and pointing FlightGear to the correct folder using the launcher or command-line).
{| class="wikitable"
! Airport (ICAO code) !! City, Country !! OSM2City buildings & roads & pylons download !! Screenshots of airport, city, regional environment !! Notes (Year written)
| Honolulu International (PHNL) || Honolulu, ‎Island of O'ahu, Hawaii, USA || [[Areas_populated_with_osm2city_scenery|Yes]] || screens || Hawaii and surrounding islands have some of the most developed terrain & environment, as well as great natural beauty. [[Volcanos|Kiluea volcanic activity]] and the "[ Weeping Wall]" waterfalls near Lihue (PHLI) are modeled. Regional definitions use latest features such as overlays and have multiple layers of vegetation (2020). A detailed [[Howto:Carrier|carrier]], Truman, is positioned off PHNL. ''Environment menu suggestions'': Experiment with storms at noon. Tropics and wind blowing up rugged mountain ranges can create spectacular storms. (2020)
| Bergen (ENBR) || Bergen, Norway || [[Areas_populated_with_osm2city_scenery|Yes]]. Buildings only in Terrasync. || screens || ''Norway environment'': very well developed scenery showcasing fjords. Regional definitions using recent features like overlays. ''Environment menu suggestions'': Try autumn. Try tweaking wetness & moss (high rainfall often makes ground in Bergen wet). (2020)
| Josep Tarradellas Barcelona–El Prat (LEBL) || Barcelona, Spain || [[Areas_populated_with_osm2city_scenery|Yes]] || screens || ''Spain environment'': Detailed terrain. Well developed Mediterranean regional definitions using recent features like overlays. Buildings in Barcelona are particularly developed. ''Performance'': High density OSM2City scenery in Barcelona when not using 2020.1+ OSM2City buildings can be demanding on older systems, try reducing [[Level_Of_Detail_(LOD)_Ranges#Scenery_ranges|LoD range: rough]]. (2020)
| Keflavik (BIVK) || Reykjavik, Iceland, south || [[Areas_populated_with_osm2city_scenery|Yes]] || screens || ''Iceland environment'': Detailed terrain. Many [[Volcanos|volcanoes]] are modeled including Eyjafjallajökull which caused severe disruption to aviation in 2010. Regional definitions are very well developed using recent features with detailed overlays. Iceland's striking natural beauty is showcased well. ''Environment menu suggestions'': Remember to switch on Auroras. Try mosses, ground haze, & wetness (high rainfall), & seasons. (2020)
| Innsbruck (LOWI) || Innsbruck, Austria || [[Areas_populated_with_osm2city_scenery|Yes]]. [!1651&authkey=!APsD2Zn-Jq3m5OA&ithint=file%2czip This] old Switzerland scenery also contains Innsbruck. || screens || ''Flying'': Non-standard approach involving a steep decent. Note: FG actually simulates mountain windfields based on terrain if [[Weather#Advanced_configuration|terrain effects]] are turned on in Advanced weather. Trouble NoE flying or manually landing? Try turning down [[Weather#Thermic_and_visibility_settings|turbulence & convection]] sliders in Advanced Weather, choosing gentler weather, turning off damage in craft that support it like the C172p, or use ctrl+U to gain altitude in most craft : ). ''Austrian Alps environment'': Detailed terrain with a lot of natural beauty. Well developed regional definitions. Mountains and forest floor have overlay detail. ''Performance'': A lot of space on mountain slopes can mean a lot of things to load at a shorter distance from your craft. On old systems try reducing [[Level_Of_Detail_(LOD)_Ranges#Scenery_ranges|LoD range: rough]], or turn down tree density. ''Environment suggestions'': Try autumn. Try winter: In environment menu unselect the nominal snow level and vary snowline (presence of snow depends on history). Try tweaking snow thickness. Experiment with advanced weather with terrain sampling & effects. Weather and haze in rugged mountain regions can be spectacular. (2020)
| Zurich (LSZH) || Zurich, Switzerland || [[Areas_populated_with_osm2city_scenery|Yes]] || screens || ''Zurich environment'': Nice area well detailed by OSM2City scenery on the shore of lake Zurich. Forest regional definitions are well detailed. ''Environment menu suggestions'': Try autumn.
| Aircraft Carrier "Harry S. Truman" || Ohau, Hawaii, USA || [[Areas_populated_with_osm2city_scenery|Yes]] (Hawaii OSM2City) || screens || A well developed Aircraft carrier with wake under ALS renderer. Positioned off the Island of O'hau which has the featured airport for 2018, Honolulu (PHNL). Try the [[Grumman_F-14_Tomcat|F-14]] for supports carrier ops. Helicopters are also suitable for landing on cariers. See the page on [[Howto:Carrier|Carriers]]. (2020)
| Hilo International (PHTO) || Hawai'i Big Island, Hawaii, USA || [[Areas_populated_with_osm2city_scenery|Yes]] || screens || This is the airport for [[Cessna_172P|C172p]] tutorials (2020). It's included in the base download. [[Volcanos|Kilauea volcano]] is modeled. Same comments apply as for Hawaii scenery. (2020)
* If your GPU supports shaders you should use the [[Atmospheric_light_scattering ALS renderer]] to see recent scenery features (including overlays). ALS looks better and is faster than the default (legacy) renderer which doesn't use shaders, when ALS shader quality sliders are turned down.
* FG usually starts with settings turned off, basic weather, and the non-shader renderer, if there is no profile for your GPU (as of March 2020 only a limited number of profiles have been submitted). This is to ensure the sim starts up on all hardware in all combinations of GPU drivers and OS versions. Depending your hardware performance, remember to: change the renderer, use advanced weather with terrain effects & presampling, and turn settings up in menu->view->rendering including switching buildings to OSM2City. The [[Howto:Make_nice_screenshots|article on screenshots]] covers turning on various settings. There are advanced options in the weather menu under detailed weather. At high settings and the same use of environment menu views should match the screenshots in the table.
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The overall Airport-Rating (column "R") is based on the TerraSync-Status of the following characteristics:

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