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While struggling to acquire knowledge of the Flightgear Codebase and Flightgear Community expectation and standards, I realized that I'm probably not alone and that others might be in a similar situation.
===Independent Study=== There's a lot to learn about Flightgear. Much of it can be absorbed from reading posts to the flightgear-devel mailing lists, forum posts and entries in this wiki. A lot can be gained by reading previously written documentation. As the project goes on, there is an ever increasing amount of material, some of it relevant, some note, some current some not.
===Join While there is no single person with ultimate authority over the application, there is a study group===Work small community of individuals with others to master a specific area measure of responsibility and control over the content and direction of the project. These individuals have been involved with and have contributed heavily to Flightgear, some since it's inception. Understanding their perspectives and motivations is key to becoming a successful contributor to Flightgear development.
While focusing in specific short term development goalsOver the next few months, St groups go beyond just working in co-operation with the developers, I intend to propose that steps be taken to recruit new participants to the Flightgear project, and provide them with a specific problem forum dedicated specifically to the needs of new or potential contributors. This page is an attempt to say a bit about what might be needed. It is in no way official or issuesanctioned by anyone associated with Flightgear.
So here's what I think is needed:
Major study * A separate but open forum for learning about the Flightgear project from the standpoint of a new or potential contributor. Possibly an irc channel, or other free and open collaboration space.* Regular online events for new or potential contributors* Participation by long term Flightgear contributors welcomed but not required of them.* Deliberate and broad coverage of all areasof flightgear development without over-emphasis on any one area such as C++ code, Nasal, Scenery, Aircraft or Airports. Plug * Deliberate coverage of cross platform development. Give individual participants support for working in and subsystem architecturedeveloping their expertise in more than one operating system, and for Linux, more than one linux distribution.Build Process* Emphasis on ensuring participant's knowledge of the extent of available flightgear materials such as scenery and aircraft external to the project itself.* Library Awareness: Knowledge of the extent and specific uses within Flighgear of various open source libraries on which flightgear depends.* Change Impact Awareness: Knowledge of the time investments in Aircraft, Airport, Scenery and Simulation materials and the impact of changes in one of these areas on the others.* Assistance with configuration of a suitable development environment with support for development of all aspects of Flightgear: C++ code, Nasal, Scenery, Operating Systems Aircraft and Distribution PackagingAirports.docFolders
Aircraft modelingScenery representationData delivery===Independent Study===
AdmissionAdmission requirements Independent study of specific topics by individuals or teams is strongly encouraged. Participants are rigorous but for an individual with enthusiasm encouraged to review all available material in a given area of the application and dedication easy to satisfypropose, discuss and implement significant improvements with both the full cooperation of the overall flightgear community and the support and encouragement of a community of new contributors.
TuitionTuition is paid in the standard open source volunteer project currencies: merge requests, forum posts, mailing list posts and contributions to wiki articles that move the project in ===Join a positive direction . Regular payments are required of all students.study group===
Work with others to master a specific area of Flightgear development.
While focusing in specific short term development goals, Study groups go beyond just working on a solution to a specific problem or issue. Their goal is to develop an in-depth understanding of a specific part of Flightgear, and to improve both the application's source materials its the documentation.
Major study areas
* Plug in and subsystem architecture
* Build Process, Operating Systems and Distribution Packaging
* Aircraft modeling
* Scenery representation
* Data delivery
Admission requirements are rigorous but for an individual with enthusiasm and dedication easy to satisfy.
Tuition is paid in standard open source volunteer project currencies: merge requests, forum posts, mailing list posts and contributions to wiki articles that move the project in a positive direction. Regular payments are required of all students.
TuitionFaculty- what faculty. this is self directed study...

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