Es/FlightGear Newsletter February 2014

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Stuart also replaced some OSG color/normal binding calls that were removed in OSG3.2.0, apparently because they were slow. So, if your build fails, please check you've got a recent OSG build installed.
Please let us know if you see any issues with either change. And while at it, Stuart also fixed one of the longest-standing scenery glitches in FlightGear history[http://{{|p=202063#p202060]202060}}.
Stuart and Thorsten also fixed the black halo that could previously be seen around point lights [{{fgdata-old|commit=eaaf816b772649d5b0826a1d0bdd166dbc5b968f}}].
Besides, we've also been discussing exposing camera views (e.g. scenery view manager) or even the underlying rendering stages to Canvas, which is based on ideas originally brought up by FredB and Zan on the devel list when they were talking about exposing the Rembrandt renderer to Tim Moore's effects framework[], a feature which would make all kinds of fancy things possible via Canvas.
Another interesting idea that was recently raised on the forums was running Canvas on embedded hardware platforms like Raspberry PI by supporting OpenGL ES[http://{{|t=21964]}}, which could mean that all Canvas based systems (PFD, ND, HUDs, EICAS, dialogs) may eventually be supported on such devices (maybe in another 2 years from now ?).
Some of the things we'll be working on in the time to come include:
=== Canvas System ===
The F-16CJ is being renovated to include the most realistic fighter HUDs yet. See the progress at [[F-16CJ HUD Project Newsletter]] and [[http://{{|t=22014 |text=this forum topic]]}}.
=== JSBSim Ground Effects ===
It's almost been a year since the first release of Cross-Country Tutorial II.<br />
Now with '''version three point zero''' the document is better than ever in many aspects.<br /> <br />
Go to the respective [http://{{|t=19600 |text=forum topic] }} where you can: <br />
*download this tutorial
*find out more about it