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Known issues: Hmm. The template assumes that there is text for the language given by the lang parameter. It was only meant for debugging and demonstration purposes when written.
== Known issues ==
Using some characters like equal signs ('''<nowiki>=</nowiki>''') and pipes/vertical strokes ('''<nowiki>|</nowiki>''') inside template parameters will break the template. Do note that pipes will break tables and that this workaround have to be used for tables. Ways around this is to either use {{tl|{{=}}}}, {{tl|!}}, {{tl|!!}} or {{tl|!-}}, or &lt;nowiki&gt;<nowiki>=</nowiki>&lt;/nowiki&gt;, &lt;nowiki&gt;<nowiki>|</nowiki>&lt;/nowiki&gt;, &lt;nowiki&gt;<nowiki>||</nowiki>&lt;/nowiki&gt; or &lt;nowiki&gt;<nowiki>|</nowiki>-&lt;/nowiki&gt;.
The template currently does not check if there is text in the language used by the '''lang''' override parameter.
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