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FlightGear wiki:Village pump

195 bytes added, 22:19, 17 April 2019
Welcoming template: The template is now moved to Template:Welcome to the wiki
When I feel content with it I will move it to the template namespace and add a site notice linking to it for a while, as I am not sure if you all look here or on [[Special:RecentChanges]].
<s>Anyway here is my current draft (do not hesitate to add suggestions on its discussion page): [[User:Johan G/Template:Welcome to the wiki]]</s>
—[[User:Johan G|Johan G]] ([[User_talk:Johan_G|Talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/Johan_G|contribs]]) 13:02, 15 April 2019 (EDT)
:: The template is now moved to {{tl|Welcome to the wiki}}
:: —[[User:Johan G|Johan G]] ([[User_talk:Johan_G|Talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/Johan_G|contribs]]) 18:19, 17 April 2019 (EDT)
: Hi Johan,

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