FlightGear Newsletter February 2019

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Development news:
== Development news ==
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=== State Machine Parsing ===
Stuart has been finding the autopilot state machines absolutely fantastic for
building complex autopilot logic for the FG1000. Thanks James!
Stuart has just committed a number of improvements to the state machine loader so
that it will check for the correctness of the state machine at loading time
and refuse to load incomplete state machines. Previously it would load
malformed state machines, and then the sim would crash when it hit invalid
states or transitions.
Now it will produce an error message indicating the state machine that is
in error and the problem. In combination with Debug->Reload Autopilot this
makes building a state machine much faster.
The downside of this is that if you've got an incomplete state machine,
FlightGear will now refuse to load it.<ref></ref>
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