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Creating sandboxes (user page subpages): I am happy to help! :-
:thanks, Hooray. it ain't in the menu bar at the top so i didn't see it :)
[[User:Wkitty42|Wkitty42]] ([[User talk:Wkitty42|talk]]) 15:38, 5 September 2017 (EDT)
== Creating sandboxes (user page subpages) ==
I saw your post mostly about page creation and sandboxes in [ this forum post]. I am very happy you asked that question (which indicates it probably can be highlighted better in the help pages).
A sandbox is pretty much a subpage to your user page, in essence with the page name <code>User:Wkitty42/Name of subpage</code>. The way I usually create them is that I search for them and then click the blue link '''[ Start the User:Wkitty42/Name of subpage page]''' in the page that pops up telling that there is no such page (yet).
When using templates you are working on you will have to use template links slightly differently, as they are not in the template namespace. instead of <code><nowiki>{{Name of subpage}}</nowiki></code> you will need to do like this <code><nowiki>{{User:Wkitty42/Name of subpage}}</nowiki></code>.
If you forget to link to the pages on your user page, you can try the [What links here] link in the menu on the left.
It will be interesting to see what you do with this. :-)
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