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** Instead of using the <code>getSelection()</code> helper, we could register a match for <tt></tt> with <code>action=edit</code> set, so that we can directly process all text of an edited page, using AJAX calls to open the URL in the background. {{Progressbar|40}} (see the self-check dialog, available via the greasemonkey menu)
** See [ MW:API:Edit § Editing via Ajax]
=== Changelog ===
{{Note|Contributors are invited to document their changes here, please also add your wiki handle so that others can more easily get in touch.}}
* first stab at implementing unit tests by adding a vector with URLS to be downloaded and fields to be matched (WIP), shown in a jQuery dialog
* support for persistent settings and a jQuery setup dialog with persistence
* hosting is moved, to allow auto-updates [] [] []
* changed to ref-only quotes for now, not using the FGCquote template anymore, due to its obnoxious appearance on quote-heavy pages (should probably become a runtime option instead)
* updated to use https for forum postings
* add version info to each created quote, i.e. for future updates
* add helper for opening websites asynchronously using AJAX (also via GM helper API)
* display version number in output dialog
* begin using the GreaseMonkey API for setting clipboard content
== The script ==