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* <code>Host.set_persistent(key,value)</code> - stores a key/value pair
* <code>Host.get_persistent(key,default_value)</code> - retrieves a value using the key specified, falling back to the default value specified
=== Porting ===
[[File:Instant-cquote-firefox-addon-mode.png|thumb|Prototyping a dedicated instant-cquote mode for use as a firefox addon]]
Porting the script to support other browsers/script engines is greatly appreciated. Typically, this should be pretty self-contained, because all main APIs are intended to be encapsulated in a so called "Environment" hash, where APIs that are specific to a particular browser/script engine should be provided with a wrapper. As of mid 2016, most APIs are now kept inside such an Environment hash (look at the GreaseMonkey hash for reference/details), so that it is now even possible to turn the script into a standalone FireFox addon without having to change much of the underlying code, i.e. most changes will be self-contained, which means that only the hash implementing the <code>Host</code> environment needs to be re-implemented for the corresponding target environment.
=== Self checks (unit testing) ===