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FlightGear wiki:Instant-Refs

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Installation: no longer up to date
In other cases, quotes have been used to update documentation of features (e.g. [[Rembrandt]]) whose maintainers may not be actively involved in FlightGear, to help document discussions that are taking place in the meantime, and provide some background information for people interested in the corresponding feature.
== Installation ==
# Install a user script manager. On Firefox, you can use [ Greasemonkey]; on Chrome/Chromium, Opera or Safari, you can use [ Tampermonkey] (download links: [ Chrome/Chromium], [ Opera], [ Safari]).
# Copy and paste [[#The Script|the script]] below into the editing window.
# Click the {{button|Save}} button (just above the {{button|Search}} button).
=== Mobile installation ===
The script has been ported to become a native Web Extension, which means it can also be executed on mobile devices.

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