Howto:Canvas dialog examples

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=== Introduction ===
This dialog is the 'front end' of the extra500 failure system. It uses Canvas only and has several pages and interactive elements. All pages are .svg designed.
We will look at the code and try to explain what is does. It focuses on  The dialog is set-up like a normal nasal namespace: <nasal> <Dialogs> <file>Aircraft/extra500/Dialogs/failuredialog.nas</file> </Dialogs> </nasal>. And called (opened) though a menu entry in /Dialogs/extra500- canvas interaction onlymenu.xml just like any other classical menu entry. <item> <name>Failure-dialog</name> <label>Failure Dialog</label> <binding> <command>nasal</command> <script><![CDATA[ Dialogs.Failuredialog.openDialog(); ]]></script> </binding> </item> This means there needs to be a loaded Class called failuredialog with an internal function called openDialog.
=== File structure ===