FlightGear Newsletter April 2017

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In the hangar
==== new splash screen system ====
James has added a new splash screen scheme, as well as a new preview feature for the [[FlightGear_Qt_launcher|QT launcher]]. The Citation II now complies with that scheme and provides a new logo and some brand-new splash screens.
=== Updates to the ERCO Ercoupe ===
[[File:Ercoupe-cockpit.jpg|thumb|right|The omproved ERCO Ercoupe cockpit]]
After the discussion in the mailing list about possibly adding the Ercoupe as a second default aircraft for the novice users the Ercoupe has had a considerable upgrade:
* The FDM has been improved
* Reflection effects are added to the fuselage
* Reflection and shadow effects are added to the cockpit
* Cockpit instruments have been improved
* Textures have been improved
* A new livery was added
== Scenery corner ==