FlightGear Newsletter September 2016

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Screenshot of the Month
==== Screenshot of the Month ====
Entries for this month's best screenshot can be submitted to [ this] forum topic. Be sure to see the [ first post] for participation rules. For purposes of convenience and organization, after all the entries have been submitted, a new forum topic will be started containing all shots in an easy-to-view layout. The voting will then take place there. Once the voting has finished, the best screenshot will be presented on this page. <!-- FlightGear's Screenshot of the Month May September 2016 is ''TITLESightseeing along the beautiful coast of Corsica'' by AUTHOR{{usr|dg-505}}[[File:Twin Otter at Corsican coast.jpg|900px|center|TITLESightseeing along the beautiful coast of Corsica]] --> <!-- Uncomment/edit this when the winner is chosen -->