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Seneca II Panel Reference

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This is a quick reference to the instruments and controls in the Seneca's cockpit.

Instrument Panel

Pilot's Panel
Co-Pilot's Panel
Fuel-Trim Console

  1. magneto - left engine
  2. magneto - right engine
  3. starter - press left for left engine, right for right engine
  4. primer - left/right engine
  5. taxi/landing lights
  6. nav lights
  7. anit collision lights - left half: fin (beacon), right half: wing (strobes)
  8. pitot and stall warning heat
  9. fuel boost pumps - up: high, down: low, center: off
  10. battery master
  11. alternator on/off
  12. switch panel lights dimmer (noop)
  13. clock
  14. airspeed indicator
  15. attitude indicator (artificial horizon)
  16. altimeter (barometric)
  17. radar altimeter
  18. adf indicator
  19. turn coordinator
  20. horizontal situation indicator (hsi)
  21. vertical speed indicator (vsi)
  22. vor/ils indicator NAV2
  23. alternator ampere meter (shows alternator load)
  24. cylinder head temperature
  25. oil temperature
  26. oil pressure
  27. fuel
  28. RPM left engine
  29. dual manifold pressure gauge
  30. RPM right engine
  31. landing gear lever and emergenca gear extension
  32. landing gear indicator
  33. autopilot control
  34. autopilot pitch control
  35. parking brake
  36. engine alternate air
  37. cowl flaps
  38. instrument lights dimmer
  39. fuel flow meter
  40. exhaust gas temperature (EGT) left/right engine
  41. DME frequency source (NAV1/Hold/NAV2) and ON/OFF
  42. DME indicator
  43. HSI gyro control
  44. ADF radio
  45. KX165 COM2/NAV2 radio
  46. KX165 COM1/NAV1 radio
  47. GMA340 intercom
  48. surface deice (boots)
  49. wing ice inspection light
  50. prop deice
  51. prop deice control gauge
  52. windshield deice
  53. annunciator with test button
  54. gear warning light
  55. autopilot capture light
  56. flap lever
  57. autopilot mode
  58. gyro pressure
  59. cicruit breaker panel
  60. magnetic compass
  61. fuel selectors - forward: on, center: off, backwards: cross-feed
  62. elevator trim
  63. rudder trim

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