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The Kölner Bucht (Cologne Bay) is a small region in Germany with a long aviational history. It is named after the city Köln (Cologne), which lies in its centre. The biggest airport is Konrad Adenauer Airport (EDDK), which is one of the 19 non-american Space Shuttle abort landing sites. But there also are smaller ones like Bonn-Hangelar Airport and historical ones like Butzweiler Hof.

Cologne City is the home of German Space Agency (DLR) among with the European Astronaut Centre of ESA, the EASA, the Headquarter of Lufthansa, the Horten Brothers developed there their planes - but in FlightGear Scenery, it has no more to offer than the standard generic scenery. This has to change!

Why this page?

The intention of this page is to organize, coordinate and document the progress of the scenery creation in that area and to encourage others to join in. This is a huge project, but hopefully it will procede with a steady pace. The goal is to see the same skyline as in reality!


Every item listed below will get its own wiki page. Any relevant information will be stored there. For some of them there already exist some untextured models (aka 'w.i.p.'). If interested, everybody can become a maintainer of items or help other maintainers. The progress shall be documented in this wiki.

Points of interest

The following tables list the points of interests in that region, among with a maintainer and a progress indication (for now: not started, wip, done). Roads, Tracks and Rivers aren't covered, they are expected to be included by next-genenration generic scenery (Source: OpenStreetMap).


Name Maintainer Progress
EDDK  ?  ?
EDKB EDKBadmin  ?


Name Maintainer Progress
Kölner Hauptbahnhof
Bahnhof Köln-Deutz
Bonner Hauptbahnhof
Niehler Hafen
Godorfer Hafen
Deutzer Hafen
Marina Zündorf
Marina Sürth

Tall, big or Buildings in Cologne City

Name Maintainer Progress
Colonius Crashpilot w.i.p.
DW-DLF Crashpilot w.i.p.
Herkulesturm Crashpilot w.i.p.
Coloniahaus Crashpilot w.i.p.
Pollonius Crashpilot w.i.p.
Ringturm Crashpilot w.i.p.
TUEV Rheinland Crashpilot w.i.p.
Unicenter Crashpilot w.i.p.
Uniklinik Crashpilot w.i.p.
KölnTurm Crashpilot w.i.p.
CologneTriangle Crashpilot w.i.p.
Kölnarena Crashpilot w.i.p.
Seilbahn Zoo Crashpilot w.i.p.
Lufthansahochhaus not started
Hansaturm not started
Deutsche Telekom Altstadt not started
Kölner Messe not started
Kranhäuser not started
Philharmonie not started
Musical Dome not started
Altstadtzeile not started
Müngersdorfer Stadion not started


Name Maintainer Progress
Rodenkirchener Autobahnbrücke Crashpilot w.i.p.
Severinsbrücke Crashpilot w.i.p.
Deutzer Brücke not started
Hohenzollernbrücke not started
Zoobrücke not started
Mühlheimer Brücke not started
Autobahnbrücke Köln not started
Eisenbahnbrücke Köln not started
Bonn, Leverkusen missing


Name Maintainer Progress
Raffinerie Wesseling not started
Fordwerke Niehl not started
Windkraft Kölner Bucht not started
Rheinisches Braunkohlerevier not started

Churchs in Cologne City

Name Maintainer Progress
Kölner Dom not started
Groß St. Martin not started
... and dozens more to go not started

Various POI

Name Maintainer Progress
Windmühle Godorf not started
Rheinlieger Köln not started
Zwischenwerke not started
Bayer Logo not started
Zons not started
various Monuments not started


Name Maintainer Progress
Siebengebirge not started
Zwischenwerke not started