Scenery LOD ideas for FlightGear

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Moving forum discussion to the wiki:


Maybe there could be one single globe texture, and each tile btg would have it's correct texture coordinates into that image.

For LOD, I'd implement something like this :

  • Allocate a huge texture for a single 10x10 degrees area
  • load tiles as usual
  • render the tile to a small subpart of the huge texture
  • replace the tile geometry by a quad using the corners of the tile and map the small chunk of texture to it
  • unload the tile geometry to free memory
  • repeat for each tile of that area
  • save the texture to disk and repeat for another 10x10 degrees area

Sharing the same texture for a huge area save state changes. The tile quad geometry could be saved in the btg format to a Terrain.LowRes directory tree, using the material property to reference the shared texture