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FlightGear Flight Simulator

FlightGear это симулятор полётов созданный волонтёрами и выпущенный как свободный с открытым исходным кодом под GPL, загрузить можно здесь. FlightGear имеет графический интерфейс и разные типы авиации. Может использоваться для научных исследований, образования, и просто для удовольствия.

Весь исходный код проекта доступен через Git, лицензирован под GNU General Public License. FlightGear's open architecture encourages volunteer contributions, as well as the exploration of a wide variety of flight simulator concepts. It has inspired a number of related projects.

FlightGear поставляется и иллюстрированной документацией, доступной в PDF и HTML.

FlightGear Features

  • Aircraft
    • FlightGear simulates aircraft from hang-gliders to jumbo jets
    • Dozens of additional aircraft are available for download
    • Users can add new aircraft designs, or edit existing models
  • Airports
    • FlightGear includes a current database of over 20,000 real airports
    • Airport layouts and 3D models can be edited with free tools
  • Scenery
    • Basic scenery is available for almost the entire globe
    • Land elevation is based on NASA data
    • New scenery can be downloaded automatically while you fly
    • Some cities include 3D buildings and landmarks.
  • GPL License

Did you know...

FlightGear Promotion

Picture of the week

FlightGear sun halo.JPG
Dated March 18, 1999, 20 years ago this week, this little gem is one of the oldest surviving screenshots of FlightGear. Relatively pale compared to current versions of FlightGear, this image shows a very basic landscape, a newly textured sun (with halo), and a very small crescent moon. Back then, FlightGear was the only PC based flight simulator rendering the Sun, Moon, and celestial objects at the correct position, and under the correct lighting conditions, in the sky. (author Durk)