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FlightGear симулятор летательных средств созданный добровольцами, и предоставляется бесплатно, исходные коды доступны под лицензией GPL. Используется в научных исследованиях, обучении, и просто для развлечения.

FlightGear поставляется с набором иллюстрированной документации, называемой "The Manual", и доступной как в PDF так и в HTML форматах. Эта Вики содержит дополнительную документацию для пользователей и разработчиков.

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P-51D over Koblenz.jpg
On the 22nd May 1948, Jacqueline Cochran flew her P-51B Mustang over a closed circuit of 1242.743 miles (2000km) in the Western USA. the flight time was 2 hours 46 min, an average speed for the aircraft of 447.47mph (720.134km/h). this created 2 FAI World Records for Speed and the USNAA speed record for it's class.

Cochran was also the first woman to land and take off from an aircraft carrier, the first woman to pilot a bomber across the North Atlantic (in 1941) and later to fly a jet aircraft on a transatlantic flight, the first pilot to make a blind (instrument) landing, the only woman ever to be president of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (1958–1961), the first woman to fly a fixed-wing, jet aircraft across the Atlantic, the first pilot to fly above 20,000 feet (6,096 meters) with an oxygen mask, and the first woman to enter the Bendix Transcontinental Race. She still holds more distance and speed records than any pilot living or dead, male or female.

The Flightgear Mustang is a P-51D authored by Jim Wilson, Jon Berndt, DATCOM and Hal V. Engel.

It is a very sophisticated model and includes features such as fuel management, a full working set of weapons, from guns via bombs to rockets, and a full engine startup procedure.

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