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Welcome to the developer portal

Please visit our forum if you cannot find what you're looking for.

Get involved!

If you would like to help with FlightGear's development, it's a good idea to subscribe yourself to the FlightGear development mailing list. Use the list or the FlightGear issue tracker to get in touch with fellow FlightGear core developers.

Visit Category:Core development projects to see a list of currently ongoing projects! See Category:Developer Plans to see a list of developer plans for the upcoming release.

See request for comments for a list of long-standing issues and challenges affecting FlightGear's evolution and overall development progress.

Coding Help Needed!


Wanted: interview candidates

Every month we try to include an interview with a contributor in the FlightGear Newsletter. Anyone contributing to FlightGear, in whatever way, is welcome to answer a bunch of questions and write his/her own interview.

More info at FlightGear Newsletter: Interview.
Development repository status
Current release: 2020.1 (11 May 2020)
Next release: 2020.2 (88 days from now)
See release plan for details.

Getting started
How the FlightGear project works ·
The development process · Release plan
Building FlightGear · Git · Build server
Property tree · File formats · Tools of the Trade

Long term goals · Google Summer of Code
Project infrastructure enhancements · Source management issues
Improving glider realism · Improving helicopter realism
Setting up a multiplayer server · Expo checklist

Nuvola apps kaboodle.png

Animate models · Illuminate objects
Gear scissors

Portal aircraft.png

Making an aircraft · Flight dynamics model
3D aircraft models · Liveries
Creating instruments · Clickable panels
Designing an autopilot

Portal developer.png

Getting started · Programming resources · Built-in Profiler
Developer Plans · Projects · Request for comments · Code cleanup
Adding fgcommands · Creating subsystems
Initialization sequence

FlightGear Scripting with Nasal
Frequently asked questions · Writing simple scripts

Portal scenery.png

Placing objects · Airport signs
Converting from X-Plane/MSFS
Making an airport · Generating terrain
Interactive traffic