PZL-Mielec M-18 Dromader

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PZL M18B Dromader
M18B Dromader 01.png
Type Piston, AG aircraft
Author(s) Pavel Cueto, Fernando Espinosa
--aircraft= M18B Dromader
Status Beta
Download Download the PZL M18B Dromader aircraft package for the current stable release (2019.1).

The M18B Dromader is a popular AG plane, developed in middle 70's in Polland by PZL. Dromaders are capable to make crop dusting and firefighting operations, carrying chemicals or water in a big frontal hopper.

The current version is oriented to test aircraft behavior carrying hard water loads, and it's have a basic water-oriented particle system for now. However, users who wants to try their cropdusting may edit the M18B_Dromader.xml file to get it. All instruments, sounds, fuselage texts and more details have been taken from a real CONAF's (National Forest Corporation, Chile) firefigther Dromader (CC-PZJ).

Aircraft help

Engine start (temporal)

  • Press { three times for turn on magnetos
  • Press s for starter


  • Flaps 15º
  • Mixture rich
  • Propeller coarse
  • Full throttle
  • Takeoff length and speed varies according to aircraft weight.


  • Flaps 30º
  • Propeller coarse
  • Touchdown with the main gear, and let tail wheel touch when the aircraft slows down the speed.

Aircraft limits

  • VNE 148 KIAS
  • VNO 121 KIAS
  • VA 120 KIAS
  • VFE 104 KIAS
  • Cruise speed 90-103 KIAS
  • Stall speed 60 KIAS
  • Max G load factor +3.4G; -1.4G
  • Max takeoff weight (MTOW) 11904 lbs.
  • Max landing weight 9200 lbs.

Special keys

  • e Water drop/Pesticide dust
  • d Open/Close Left-front door
  • Shift+D Open/Close right-front door
  • Ctrl+D Open/Close rear door

In-flight considerations

With full payload, a Dromader can grow his total weight in more than 50%: so, it's neccesary to adjust the aileron trim carefully to fly properly. Pilots may consider to make firefighter water drops with flaps down at 15º, when plane flies with full water cargo at front. In the same way, a loaded Dromader is less maneuverable than empty ones, having more stall risk. Take attention of the lift while you do firefighter water dropping, due to fast aircraft weight loss.

Development status

The current Dromader cockpit, with a panoramic view of the controls and instruments.
Red firefighter livery
CONAF livery
  • Detailed 3D model & textures
  • Detailed, semi-realistic cockpit
  • Custom instruments (with some little exceptions, just temporal) based on real ones
  • Exterior and interior animations
  • Custom sounds, most taken from real Dromaders
  • Improved FDM
  • Basic weight & load control
  • 3 HQ liveries
  • Cockpit & instrument lights
  • Immatriculation
  • Help menu
  • Advisor of VNE and G limits exceed
  • Shaders for GIT: NormalMap & Reflect
  • Basic particle systems: water drop, pesticide & motor smoke
  • In-built cropdusting pipes (basic model, hidden for now, but editable on xml files)


  • Fix some engine Tº issues
  • Improved fuel, hydraulic and electrical systems
  • Nasal-based instrumentation, where default property-tree has no items
  • More realistic startup procedure
  • Realistic cropdusting and firefighting systems, nasal-based