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PLIB is a set of software libraries for writing games. FlightGear has used PLIB for most of its development. It is also used by the FlightGear related program Atlas. PLIB is open source, GPL.

FlightGear 1.0.0 (released in 2007) was the last public release to use PLIB for the 3d scene graph, before the the transition to OpenSceneGraph (OSG). FlightGear still uses PLIB for various I/O tasks, e.g. joysticks.

PLIB is needed when building SimGear, FlightGear and TerraGear.

PLIB libraries

  • Picoscopic User Interface Library (PUI)
  • Sound Library (SL)
  • Standard Geometry Library(SG)
  • Simple Scene Graph Library (SSG)
  • PUI Auxiliary Library (PUAUX)
  • SSG Auxiliary Library (SSGA)
  • Joystick wrappers (JS)
  • Fonts'n'Text Library (FNT)
  • Utility Library (UL)
  • Pegasus Network Library (NET)
  • PLIB Scripting Language (PSL)
  • PLIB Windowing Library (PW)

Recommended version

Even if version 1.8.5, shipped with most of the GNU/Linux distributions, does work for FlightGear and related software, it is recommended to use the latest source from its SVN repo:

svn co https://plib.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/plib/trunk plib
cd plib
sed s/PLIB_TINY_VERSION\ \ 5/PLIB_TINY_VERSION\ \ 6/ -i src/util/ul.h