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**    The Engage Launch-bar command (L) is broken.
**    The Engage Launch-bar command (L) is broken.
**    The Mixture control (M/m) seems to be broken.  
**    The Mixture control (M/m) seems to be broken.  
* Seneca II HSI: upper instrument clipping issue for NAV/HDG flags, heading bug, pointer
* Sky/Ephemeris  
* Sky/Ephemeris  

Revision as of 17:29, 12 November 2006

Getting a patched version of OpenSceneGraph

Thanks to Mathias Fröhlich, we can use an updated OpenSceneGraph version that contains 3 additional patches.

  • most important an updated ac3d loader - that is our most used one ...
  • a fix to the RGB Loader, which is already in OpenSceneGraph-CVS
  • a small backport of OpenSceneGraph-CVS doing the right OpenGL version checks ...

You can find that tarball at: ftp://ftp.uni-duisburg.de/FlightGear/Misc_maf/OpenSceneGraph-20061108/OSG_OP_OT-1.2-Flightgear.tar.gz

Diff can be found at: ftp://ftp.uni-duisburg.de/FlightGear/Misc_maf/OpenSceneGraph-20061108/OSG_OP_OT-1.2-Flightgear.diff

Mathias is working on getting the remaining patch upstream ...

And the MSVC8 win32 build dependencies for OpenSceneGraph can be found at http://www.oflebbe.de/oflebbe/FlightGear. Look out for the link to 3rdParty.zip.

If you get errors when compiling the patched OpenSceneGraph after having compiled (and installed) OpenThreads and Producer successfully (happens on Arch Linux), you may have to add the following to your 'make':

    make PRODUCER_INC_DIR=/usr/local/include/Producer \
    PRODUCER_LIB_DIR=/usr/local/lib \
    OPENTHREADS_INC_DIR=/usr/local/include/OpenThreads \

Compilation workaround


Do not forget to run autogen.sh when updating sources.

Current Issues

  • OSG Rendering Performance is roughly up to a factor of 2 slower for some scenes. This seems to have more dramatic on the Windows MVC8 build. Rendering ist faster now...
  • some buildings are with day texture, and other with night texture. i'm landing onto Paris center and, with the external view, i rotate around the aircraft. the sun position is not fixed at the same time, left side of aircraft is on shadow, with another camera position, it's the right side. that can explain why some building are day textured, and some others night textured
  • Some scenes do not work: The view is black. The default scene c172p on KSFO is working, however. It seems to be a terrain/ground problem since it disappears by using the UFO. This is fixed now by the ground-cache fix in CVS (061107)
  • There are also missing ground tiles: For instance located between EDDF and Feldberg.
  • Rendering order of instruments / ... is wrong.
  • At least at the present season with "--timeofday=noon", sitting at KSFO 28R, I look straight into the moon with FlightGear/PLIB, but the moon isn't there with FG/OSG
  • In the external view(s) the HUD position is shifted to the left
  • transparency issues:
    • runway lights shine through panel:
    • runway lights shine through cloud layers in an awkward way:
    • 2D-cloud layers flood into cockpit
    • The prop of the C172 block the view on the waves of the carrier
    • The reflector gun sight on the Seahawk causes other transparent objects (carrier wake etc.) to disappear
    • A new overhead window in the C172 (inside out)
  • "Near clipping problem" (nearby objects are partially clipped at left and right window boarder, ie seats in C172 inside)
  • Some textures are to dark, runway for instance, c172 prop disk as well.
  • Runway lighting seems to have rendering artefacts on ATI Cards.
  • Enhanced runway lighting option in the drop-down menu seems to have no effect - light always appear enhanced.
  • compass working incorrectly
  • panel hotspots are not correctly displayed in 3D panels using the 2D hotspot hack; are hidden behind 3D model geometry
  • Aircraft issues
    • Hurricane/Spitfire/Seafire won't start. The starter spins continuously, but the engine won't fire.
    Fixed: 061110
    Spoke too soon - not fixed - the bug is intermittent

With the Spit/Seafire I get

Notice: Material::getDiffuse(FRONT_AND_BACK) called on material

       with separate FRONT and BACK diffuse colors.

and a segfault;

    • A4F crashes FG, without any error message that I have found so far. (FIXED a4/Models/a4-blue.ac 1.18 groups are not supposed to have vertices)
    • Hunter and Seahawk have lost their exhausts (of course).
    • The Engage Launch-bar command (L) is broken.
    • The Mixture control (M/m) seems to be broken.
  • Seneca II HSI: upper instrument clipping issue for NAV/HDG flags, heading bug, pointer
  • Sky/Ephemeris
    • Planets visible near the sun at noon
  • Clickable Hotspots
    • Not visible at night
  • 3D cockpit instruments (I tried C172p's and 747's) seems to be scaled depending on the size of the window. This is most obvious when I change the FOV to its max (120) using the 'X' key. E.g. when I resize FG's window so that its width is much larger than its height (say, 1024x100), instruments all become a fat oval shape. Then if I resize the window the other way (say 100x910), instruments become narrower. (20061111 pigeon)

List of 'compatible' aircrafts TO BE CONTINUED

Missing Features

  • 3D-billboard objects are not displayed right now (ie trees or radio masts)
  • 3D clouds
  • Rendering of some scenes is not perfect.
  • Shadows
  • Exhaust shader
  • Chrome Shader
  • Weather Radar
  • Menu Items have no effect
    • Enhanced Runway Lights
    • Bump Mapped Clouds

Miscelaneous OSG benefits

Mathias: "I think that we should make use in the longer term of the Producers capabilities for multiple view installations. But not only multipipe installs will benefit from that. The Producer will also help to get benefit from multicore SMP machines. For that the following article is of huge interrest: http://www.donburns.net/OSG/Articles/OSGMP/"

Getting the PLIB Code

Use the tag PRE_OSG_PLIB_20061029 for checking out the branch with the plib scenegraph.

For SimGear, this works (more or less) as follows:

    cvs -d :pserver:cvsguest@cvs.simgear.org:/var/cvs/SimGear-0.3 login
    CVS passwd: guest
    cvs -d :pserver:cvsguest@cvs.simgear.org:/var/cvs/SimGear-0.3 co source
    cd source
    cvs up -rPRE_OSG_PLIB_20061029

For FlightGear, you have to update both the "data" and "source" directories.