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This page collects the feature proposals for OpenRadar.


  • Callsign greater than 7 characters, cannot even have ICAO_TWR as callsign. Would like at least 10 (comment ww: The flightgear MP protocol supports only 7 chars (max. 7 chars plus trailing zero equals 8 bytes, see Multiplayer protocol)
  • Inter ATC communication. Some method of talk/text just between ATC controllers would be nice, to coordinate handovers (ww: yes, but as much as I know they use mumble right now...)
  • Make it not working at FG's default airport (to guard against heart attacks on trying-to-be-KSFO-police people).


  • show more ground detail (data source?)
  • separation rings
  • alerts for collision and speed violations

RadarContact handling

FGCom Integration

  • Remove CTRL as PTT button, clashes with CTRL-Left click for "neglect", suggest Right Shift (ww: but the right hand is occupied with the mouse. maybe we move the neglected key to the right SHIFT)
  • Add "set PTT button" feature

ATC Coordination

  • coordinate multiple instances of OpenRadar using a protocol a la VatSim (ww: this will work only for OpenRadar instances, not to ATC-ML, ATC-TOWER etc...)