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Note  Creating this page to post solutions for new users to FlightGear on Microsoft Windows systems 7, 8.1, 10

Can't locate data files - new install

Known bug

  • Resolution - Tell FlightGear where to find the data files that were installed.
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You can also paste these 3 lines inside of Notepad and save as fg-root.reg file to desktop, then double click the file and add the entry to registry
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 
"fg-root"="C:\\Program Files\\FlightGear 2016.1.1\\data"
Open up regedit and add fg-root key.

Terrasync - Known Issues

Failed to remove file

.terrasync_cache files can not be deleted. You will see errors in console. There is not much to do other then delete the .terrasync_cache files manually and then run FlightGear again to let it recreate the up-to-date .terrasync_cache files.

insert powershell script here to help with this for those that want to try.