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[[pl:Strona główna]]
[[pl:Strona główna]]
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[[zh:Main Page]]

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Welcome to the FlightGear Wiki!
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FlightGear Flight Simulator

FlightGear is a sophisticated, realistic flight-simulator, created entirely by volunteers, and released as free, open-source GPL software, available for download here. FlightGear has a graphical user interface realistic enough for real-life pilot training, and mathematical flight models accurate enough for serious scientific research. FlightGear's free and open license also makes it great for educational exploration, or just for fun.

FlightGear can be expanded and improved by anyone interested in contributing. The complete project source code is available via Git, licensed under the GNU General Public License. FlightGear's open architecture encourages the exploration of a wide variety of flight simulator concepts, and has inspired a number of related projects.

FlightGear comes with a set of illustrated documentation, notably "The Manual", which is available as PDF and HTML.

FlightGear Features

  • Aircraft
    • FlightGear simulates aircraft from hang-gliders to jumbo jets
    • Aircraft from 14 categories are included with the basic package
    • Dozens of additional aircraft are available for download
    • You can create your own aircraft design, or edit existing models
  • Airports
    • FlightGear includes a current database of over 20,000 real airports
    • Realistic runways and taxiways (and 3D buildings at some airports)
    • Airport layouts and 3D models can be edited with free tools
  • Scenery
    • Scenery is available for the entire world
    • Accurate land elevation data is provided by NASA
    • New scenery can be downloaded automatically while you fly
    • Cities like San Francisco, Paris, Accra and Berlin include 3D buildings and landmarks.
    • You can help create better world scenery with free software tools
  • GPL License

Did you know...

  • ...that FlightGear is used in several FAA approved simulators?
  • ...that you can simulate random system failures realistically?
  • ...that anyone can edit FlightGear source and contribute to the project?
  • ...that the whole city of Barcelona, Spain is available in 3D models?
  • ...that there are 3,235 articles on this wiki?

Picture of the week



  • May 2010: FlightGear wiki exceeded 4.000.000 pageviews
  • February 25 2010: FlightGear 2.0.0 released
  • October 31 2009: FlightGear wiki exceeded 3.000.000 pageviews
  • December 22 2008: FlightGear 1.9.0 released

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