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Mailing lists are used for some of the FlightGear community's communications, in particular among the core developers, who are working on the flight simulator itself.

Some questions are better asked on the mailing list instead of the forum. You do not strictly have to be a core developer to subscribe and/or post to the mailing lists.

The mailing lists

Some of the lists are for discussions while some only contain announcements.

List Status Archive Subscribe Email address Remarks
FlightGear-Devel Active archive subscribe The most active list. Where you can contact mostly core developers.
FlightGear-commitlogs archive subscribe Announces all commits to some of the repositories.
FlightGear-Scenery Quiet archive subscribe Scenery developments.
FlightGear-Users archive subscribe Mostly replaced by the forum these days.
FlightGear-Announce Inactive archive subscribe
FlightGear-FlightModel archive subscribe
FlightGear-Newsletter archive subscribe Receive an email when a new edition is published.

Posting to the mailing lists without subscribing

Subscribing is not strictly necessary to send emails.

Your post may be significantly delayed if you are not subscribed though. E-mails from addresses which are not subscribed to the list are held for moderator approval before they are posted.

Report bugs to the issue tracker

Bugs should preferably be reported to the issue tracker instead of posting to a mailing list.

You may have to register a SourceForge account first.

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