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|[http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/flightgear-users subscribe]
|[http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/flightgear-users subscribe]
|Mostly replaced by [http://flightgear.org/forums the forum] these days.
|Mostly replaced by [http://forum.flightgear.org the forum] these days.
!rowspan="2" style="background-color: #FF3333;"|Inactive
!rowspan="2" style="background-color: #FF3333;"|Inactive

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What to do when you want to send some questions, bug reports, etc, to the mailing list:

  1. Subscribe yourself to the mailing list.
  2. Send an E-mail to the mailing list address with your questions, announcements, or bug reports.

Subscribing is not strictly necessary to send emails. E-mails from addresses which are not subscribed to the list are held for moderator approval before they are posted. Your post may be significantly delayed if you are not subscribed.

Status List Archive Subscribe Email address Comments
Active FlightGear-Devel archive subscribe flightgear-devel@lists.sourceforge.net The most active list; where you can contact (core) developers.
FlightGear-Newsletter archive subscribe Receive an email when a new edition is published.
Quiet FlightGear-Scenery archive subscribe flightgear-scenery@lists.sourceforge.net Scenery developments.
FlightGear-Users archive subscribe flightgear-users@lists.sourceforge.net Mostly replaced by the forum these days.
Inactive FlightGear-Announce archive subscribe flightgear-announce@lists.sourceforge.net
FlightGear-FlightModel archive subscribe flightgear-flightmodel@lists.sourceforge.net

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