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MP Fallback models allow an aircraft developer to set what aircraft model be used to render their aircraft over MP if a user doesn't have their aircraft installed.

Using a fallback model with your aircraft

To make use of this feature, simply set /sim/model/fallback-model-index in the aircraft-set.xml file to one of the indexes in /AI/Aircraft/fallback_models.xml.

This is then transmitted over the MP system and used by other clients.

For example;


will use the Cub model, as index 6 refers to it in fallback_models.xml:


<!-- Default aircraft.  Will also be used if an AI model is not found -->
<model n="0" type="string">/Models/Geometry/</model>

<!-- 1-50   Single engine GA aircraft -->
<model n="1" type="string">AI/Aircraft/c172/c-fgfs.xml</model>
<model n="2" type="string">AI/Aircraft/c177/c177-g-brdo.xml</model>
<model n="3" type="string">AI/Aircraft/c182/Models/c182-ai.xml</model>
<model n="4" type="string">AI/Aircraft/c182rg/Models/c182rg-ai.xml</model>
<model n="5" type="string">AI/Aircraft/Cessna208Caravan/Models/Cessna208-ai.xml</model>
<model n="6" type="string">AI/Aircraft/Cub/Models/Cub-ai.xml</model>



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