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This page lists airports and scenery areas that are comparatively well-populated with scenery features, such as airport buildings and landmarks.


IATA Name Country Comment
EKHC Copenhagen Airport Denmark
LOWW Vienna International Airport Austria
LFPG Charles de Gaulle International Airport France
LFPO Paris-Orly Airport France Fully modeled airport
EDDI Tempelhof International Airport Germany Fully modeled airport
EDHL Lübeck Blankensee Germany Almost complete, home of the Seneca used to model the FlightGear version. A modified tile is available at Torsten's scenery site
EHAM Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Netherlands Fully modeled airport
EHLE Lelystad Airport Netherlands
LSZH Unique Airport Zurich-Kloten Sizterland Interactive Traffic ready to 30%
LSGG Geneva Cointrin International Airport Sizterland
LFSB Basel-Mulhouse Sizterland
CYKF Kitcher Waterloo Canada
CNC4 Guelph Airpark Canada
KNID China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station United States of America
KSFO San Francisco International Airport United States of America FlightGear's main-airport, currently undergoing maintenance
KLAX Los Angeles International Airport United States of America
KBWI Baltimore-Washington International United States of America Terminal modeled with jetways, parking garage, and support buildings
KLSV Nellis AFB United States of America
KJFK John F. Kennedy International Airport United States of America

Scenery projects



  • The Finistere (Most western part of France)
    • Airports of Brest (LFRB), Morlaix (LFRU) and airbases of Landivisiau (LFRJ) and Lanveoc (LFRL), as well as a few hundreds VFR points).
    • Download
  • Courchevel Altiport
    • Nice Airport with sloping runway, The end of the runway leads to a valley!!!
    • Download


Germany Developer improved airports and airfields

//This list will be improved within the next weeks

Where to get it? 1. A_ST= Download the actual scenery tile 2. Get an update from Jon Stockill's scenery repository 3. GS_SVN= Get all stuff from the German Scenery SVN

(Deutsche Flughäfen in FlightGear mit Szenerie) (Stand 17.07.2007 08.02.2008 28.05.2008)

  • EDFM Mannheim

A_ST Airport models A few city models

  • EDDF Frankfurt

A_ST + GS_SVN (always work in progress) Airport models (all terminals available, mostly phototextures), City models (phototextures)

  • EDDL Düsseldorf

A_ST Airport models Some city models

  • EDLN Mönchengladbach

A_ST Many simple airport models

  • EDLE Essen-Mühlheim

(not verified until now)

  • EDLA Arnsberg-Menden

GS-SVN Very detailed airport models

  • EDVE Braunschweig

A_ST Many airport models City models

  • EDDV Hannover

GS-SVN Realistic airport, many dev-build models

  • EDDW Bremen

GS-SVN Realistic airport, many models Many city models, dev-build and generic A lot of dev-build models in the area around

  • EDDH Hamburg

A_ST Airport models A lot of dev-build realistic city models

  • EDHL Lübeck Blankensee

Realistic airport, many dev-build models

  • Berlin

A_ST EDDI Tempelhof Some dev-build models EDDT Tegel Many (?) dev-build models //to be verified

  • EDDC Dresden

A_ST Only 1 model until now

  • Verden-Scharnhorst

GS_SVN Realistic small airport, dev-build models --lat=52.963912 --lon=9.286150

  • Weser-Wümme airfield

GS_SVN Small airport in development, dev-build models --lat=53.059092 --lon=9.208078

  • Menden-Barge glider field

GS_SVN Dev build model --lon=7.841730 --lat=51.461965

  • EDWQ Ganderkesee-Atlas airfield

GS_SVN - some generic models placed, to be improved

  • EDWL Langeoog small island airfield

GS_SVN Dev-build models for field and airport --lat=53.743972 --lon=7.501539 --heading=235