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The runway is 2.435m long with a width of 45m.
The runway is 2.435m long with a width of 45m.
* no ILS '''04''' (038°)
* NDB/DME '''04''' (038°)
* ILS-CAT-I '''22''' (218°): 108.70
* ILS-CAT-I '''22''' (218°): 108.70
=== ATC ===
=== ATC ===

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Leipzig-Altenburg Airport
Type Public
Owner Flugplatz Altenburg-Nobitz GmbH
City in Nobitz near Altenburg (26mi from Leipzig)
Runway Length Material
04/22 7,989 ft Concrete (in FG still Asphalt)

Leipzig-Altenburg Airport, until 2008 known as Altenburg-Nobitz Airport, is a German regional airport near Altenburg and 42 km (26 mi) south of Leipzig in the state of Thuringia. Its close to the well developed Flightgear-airport Leipzig/Halle. The former military Airfield was transformed into a public airport in 1992. In Flightgear this airport was never developed over the status of simple Taxidraw.

Flying at Leipzig/Halle airspace

In Flightgear Leipzig-Altenburg Airport is usually operated by the Air traffic controller at Leipzig/Halle Airport, because Departure and Approach is leading pilots normally through Leipzig/Halle Airspace.


All diagrams and charts are available for download.

Runways 04/22

The runway is 2.435m long with a width of 45m.

  • NDB/DME 04 (038°)
  • ILS-CAT-I 22 (218°): 108.70


Due to lac of real centre controls in Flightgear, frequency of Leipzig Tower is usually used in the airspace around Leipzig-Alternburg Airport

  • Leipzig Tower - frequency 121.100
  • Munich Radar - frequency 126.170
  • Munich Radar - frequency 132.300


Access and connection

The Airport is only connected by bus to Altenburg. There is no direct public connection to Leipzig any-more.

Apron 1


Apron 2

Surroundings and "Other"


In TerraSync only a simple ground layout exists. Currently this airport is waiting for development.

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