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As a first step in the keyboard refactoring, we need to come up with a prioritized list of functions that (a) are general enough to apply to most (or at least many) aircraft, and (b) are important enough to justify a keyboard shortcut rather than just a menu/dialog or a model hotspot.

Feel free to add to the list, but please don't delete anything — just move it to the bottom if you don't think it's important.

As we'll probably not want to change too many existing key-bindings, The current CVS key-binding is also listed in brackets.

  • Program
    • Pause [p]
    • Exit [Esc]
  • Primary flight controls
    • ailerons [left/right, 4/6]
    • elevator [up/down, 8/2]
    • rudder [0/Enter, Insert]
    • centre controls [5]
  • Primary powerplant
    • throttle — for helicopters, should the same key control the collective? [3/9, PgDwn/PgUp
    • Winch / Aerotow (begin winching, open hitch etc)
  • View controls
    • view reset [Ctrl-V]
    • look left/right [Shift-4/Shift-6]
    • look up/down
    • look forward/backwad [Shift8/Shift-2]
    • zoom in/out [x/X]
    • change view type — e.g. cockpit, chase plane, tower, etc. [v/V]
  • Secondary flight controls
    • flaps extend/retract [ [/] ]
    • landing gear raise/retract [g/G]
    • elevator trim up/down [1/7, Home/End]
    • speed brakes extend/retract [Ctrl-B]
    • spoilers extend/retract [j/k]
    • slats extend/retract
    • toggle tailwheel lock [l]
    • differential toe brakes left/right [,/.]
    • parking brake [B]
    • drag chute deploy/jettison
    • aileron trim left/right
    • rudder trim left/right
  • Secondary powerplant
    • mixture — piston aircraft only [M/m]
    • propeller — some piston aircraft only [N/n]
    • carburettor heat — some piston aircraft only
    • magneto/ignition selection [{/}]
  • Autopilot
    • engage/disengage
    • toggle heading mode [Ctrl-H]
    • toggle altitude mode [Ctrl-A]
    • toggle wing leveller [Ctrl-W]
    • toggle speed mode (auto-throttle) [Ctrl-S]
    • autotrim engage/disengage
  • Comms
    • open/close text based chat console
    • PTT switch [Space]
    • active/standby com/nav channel swap
  • Weapons
    • fire primary weapon
    • fire secondary weapon
    • select secondary weapon
    • jettison store
  • Miscellaneous
    • hoist deploy (helicopters)
    • hoist up/down
    • hoist jettison
    • water/cargo release
    • carrier launch bar engage
    • carrier catapult release
    • hook up/down (compatible A/C all modern jet fighters have a hook)
    • canopy toggle
    • seat up/down/default

Things that don't require key bindings:

  • throw turkey out of window (Les Nessman only)
  • change viewing styles (dynamic view and g-force based view where supported)