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Howto:Place 3D objects with the UFO

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Useful keys

  • Ufo positioning
    • [ ] ... decrease/increase maximum speed (This wil help yuo controlling the Ufo that can be too fast sometimes)
    • Home ... Hover Up (Increase ufo altitude)
    • End ... Hover down (Decrease ufo altitude)
    • P ... toggle radar panel
  • Object management
    • mouse click ... Add model to scenery
    • backspace ... remove selected object(s)
    • Alt + mouse click .. Move selected object(s) to new place
    • Ctrl + cursor/arrow keys ... move selected object(s) away/nearer/left/right
    • m ... toggle marker for active (last selected) object
    • tab ... open/close cursor dialog
  • Selection
    • Ctrl + mouse click ... select nearest object
    • Shift + mouse click ... add new object to selection
    • Shift + Ctrl + mouse click ... add nearest object to selection
  • Model
    • space ... open/close model selection dialog
    • Ctrl + PgUp/PgDn ... cycle through model list
    • l ... load model file via file selector
  • Export data
    • d ... dump object data to terminal
    • e ... export object data
  • flight plan
    • n export flight plan