Howto:Persistent Nasal configuration

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Consider the following setup

Create a file for your settings, save it as $FG_HOME/Nasal/rgatc.config

We will be using a Nasal hash, that is treated as JSON - this has a number of advantages, i.e. you don't need to write a parser for a custom configuration format, and your configuration can even include comments and arbitrary Nasal values, including even functions or objects

# you can also add comments
width: 100,
length : 200,
scale: 10,
range: 25,
less_than: func(a,b) {return a<b;},

Next, open the Nasal Console, and paste the follwing code:

var filename = "rgatc.config";
var path = getprop("/sim/fg-home") ~ '/Nasal/' ~ filename;
var mySettings = io.load_nasal( path );