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Howto:Hooking into the GUI

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fgcommand("register-widget", props.Node.new({
 "module": "ui",
 "name": "image",
 "script": "props.dump( cmdarg() );"

var name = "test";
var myDialog = {};

myDialog[name] = gui.Widget.new();
myDialog[name].set("name", name);
myDialog[name].set("layout", "vbox");

var graph = myDialog[name].addChild("graph");
graph.set("name", "foo");

var code = "io.load_nasal(getprop('sim/fg-root') ~ '/Nasal/foo.bar');";
graph.addChild("nasal").set("load", code);

var cancel = myDialog[name].addChild("button");
cancel.set("key", "Esc");
cancel.set("legend", "Cancel");

#props.dump( myDialog[name].prop() );
fgcommand("dialog-new", myDialog[name].prop() );