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[[Category:Howto|Create a custom GUI style]]

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A GUI (Graphical User Unterface) is is a type of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices graphically, i.e. with clickable images/buttons, rather than conventional text commands.

The FlightGear GUI can be customized to a certain degree by changing the appearance (colors and transparency) of all major GUI widgets (such as buttons, text fields, sliders, checkboxes etc), so that different GUI styles can be created easily.

As of version 2.6 there are two diferent gui styles provided in the base package: Menubar1.jpg Menubar2.jpg

Creating your custom GUI style

Creating a GUI style is fairly easy. and there are infact 2 different ways of making one. Eather way uses the RGB color system and alpha to add transparancy.

Gui styler

The first and easier way is using omega95's GUI styler, just turn the knobs until you get the color you want, it's fairly easy and quick. Your GUI can be finished in less than ten minutes.

Omega95's GUI styler is included as of 2.7 GIT but you can get it here: [1] This is a link to the FlightGear forum.